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Keith Prentice

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I am a resident of, and campaigner for the Eatons area of St Neots in Cambridgeshire. I am Deputy Chair of the Eatons branch of the Huntingdonshire Constituency Conservative Association, former Town Councillor for Eaton Ford and Chair of Crosshall Junior School Academy Trust.

I have been a resident of Eaton Socon for the past 9 years where even in that time I have seen many changes some good, and some not so good as a former member of the Town Council I will always fight for all residents regardless of political affiliations to ensure that our voice is heard not only in St Neots but beyond be it District or County Council.

Chair of Governors - Crosshall Junior School Academy Trust

I am delighted to be be associated with Crosshall Junior School Academy Trust, I have been a Governor for two years and currently Chair the Governing body.

Deputy Chair of Huntingdon Constituency Conservative Association - Eatons Branch

As Deputy Chair of the Eatons Branch of HCCA I am always interested to hear from anyone interested in what we do not only as a local branch also as a part of the Cnservative Party generally, if you are interested in joining the party, delivering leaflets, canvassing, displaying posters, helping at election time etc please use the contact form on this site and I would be delighted to hear from you.



Current Campaigns :

Crosshall Road Traffic Safety Initiative

Hinchingbrooke Hospital


I am a passionate believer in top quality local health provision from our NHS.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital plays a vital and central role in this provision, and I am totally against any devolution or  dilution of the services available.

I would urge everyone to support our MP Jonathan Djanogly in his campaign to keep Hinchingbrooke Hospital  open.




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